Monday, October 20, 2008

Gerber's zwieback sucks

I have previously praised the excellent zwieback toast sticks made by Nabisco. Although it's allegedly a teething aid made for babies, I've enjoyed zwieback as a treat all of my life.

I assume that when my teeth are gone and I'm unable to chew, I'll suck on them until they become a mass of mush that I can swallow. Unfortunately, my most recent experience with zwieback sucks.

The medical definition of Zwieback is "sweetened bread that has been baked twice, preferred for infant feeding during teething."

It's baked as a loaf, which is then sliced into individual pieces that are baked again. (The more accurate name is zweiback from the German words meaning "twice baked.")

Zwieback is about the size and shape of two adult fingers, golden-brown and crunchy, with a mild cinnamon taste. Babies love it. I love it. My dog loves it.

I've always eaten the Nabisco version, but when I went into my local Shoprite supermarket on Friday, they only had the "Gerber Graduates" version.

It's much too sweet, and much too soft. A baby might like it. My dog liked it, but he'll willingly devour almost anything. I bought two boxes, but one is going back.

I hope I can find Nabisco again. It's much better for big babies like me.


Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem. My year old daughter loves the Nabisco ones and hates the Gerber ones-and she is a baby. I called Nabisco the other day and apparently it is discontinued. Here's their 800 number. 1-800-NABISCO. Call and complain maybe if enough people do they will bring it back. I agree the Gerber's is no good!

Anonymous said...

Gerber's is not the same as Nabisco's Zwieback! We tried it for the crust of our cheesecake recipe, and it did not taste as good. Please bring back the Nabisco Zwieback! Joy in Nevada

Unknown said...

I agree with the above comments. Nabisco zwieback makes the best cheesecake crust, and it's a delicious treat by itself. I don't understand why Nabisco discontinued it. I'll call them to register at least one more request to bring it back.