Thursday, October 30, 2008

AMAZING: a rental car company that doesn't rip you off on gas charges

Two of the most annoying travel rip-offs have been the price for making long-distance calls from a hotel room, and the price for filling up the gas tank when you return a rental car.

A couple of times I nearly missed my flight because I was racing around trying to find a gas station before turning in a car at an airport.

Cellphones have largely eliminated the need to pay to use the phones in hotel rooms, and now Enterprise Rent-A-Car has made a major move to eliminate the sting of returning a car.

They have a new program that charges in the same range as local gas stations, or even less. Earlier this year I stumbled on an amazing bargain -- Enterprise was charging 30 cents less per gallon than nearby gas stations.

So, if you've been renting from Enterprise but automatically reject their gas plan, change your strategy. And if you've been using another company, you now have a good reason to try Enterprise. I've been using them for years, for both local rentals when my car is being serviced, and on out-of-town trips. Prices are fair and service is excellent -- including free pick-up and drop-off.

I don't know if the gas deal is available at all Enterprise locations, so if it isn't offered, ask. One time I was at a location that I knew had the deal, but it wasn't offered to me. Fortunately I knew to ask.

CLICK for their website or call 1-800-261-7331. Join their free "Members Benefit Program Plus." You'll get faster service and email notification of special deals. The company has a wide variety of vehicles, optional GPSes, and also sells low-mi used cars. They have more than 7,000 rental locations, so there's probably one near you, or where you're going.

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