Thursday, October 16, 2008

Circuit City promises same prices through all channels

Just days after a KeyBanc financial analyst predicted that Circuit City would be bankrupt next year, the teetering electronics chain has announced a new program which pledges that shoppers will get the same price for merchandise in stores, online or by phone.

According to the company, "One Price Promise will be the focus of Circuit City's marketing program through the holidays and is a powerful pledge in a national retail environment that all too often favors special deals that are hidden to many shoppers. In fact, new nationwide research shows that nearly half of consumers surveyed (47%) believe retailers post different prices for the same merchandise in their stores and on their websites. Moreover, more than half of shoppers (51%) said they would place more trust in a retailer who offered the same prices on the web and in their stores."

Personal bias revealed: I hope Circuit City survives because I would not like market leader Best Buy to inherit all of the big box consumer electronics business. Actually I don't like shopping in either chain, but the chance of a third super-power eclipsing them is remote. RadioShack tried with Incredible Universe, and failed. Lechmere, The Wiz and Crazy Eddie are gone. From my personal experience, BB's people are nastier and lazier than CC's people, but CC's people are more ignorant and less honest. Aah... fuck 'em all. I prefer a store with people who are knowledgeable and nice, like Tweeter.

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