Thursday, October 18, 2007

Windows Vista: no compelling reason to upgrade

For over eight months, I've been using Microsoft's hyper-hyped Vista operating system on my office PC, and I stayed with XP Media Center Edition on my home PC, and XP Professional on my laptop.

Vista has some cute visual gimmicks that are fun to use, and it eliminated a couple of annoying problems on my office PC.

However, I can't honestly say that it does a lot of important things a lot better than XP does for me at home or on the road; and in some ways it's worse than XP.

After a re-boot, it can take 15 minutes for Windows Mail (successor to Outlook Express) to load, and I can't send documents to some of the printers in my office.

Google Desktop Search stopped working, but (THE SINGLE VISTA ADVANTAGE) Vista's built-in search feature works fine. Unlike Google, it allows me to open an old email with a simple click, but Google just provides a preview of the message.)

If you are buying a new PC, it will probably come with Vista (but you can still get XP if you want it). If you are now using XP and it's working well, stay with it.

CLICK for a report on my agonizing three-hour-and-twenty-minute Vista installation.

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