Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good FREE room layout software

Lots of companies will sell you software to help you arrange room furniture on a PC screen before you start doing the heavy lifting in real life; or you can do it the old-fashioned way with cut-outs on graph paper.

The folks at Better Homes and Gardens have an online program called Arrange-a-Room that costs even less than the graph paper (actually, it cost nothing if you don't print), and it does a lot of what the pay-for packages do.

First you choose a room size, and then you can easily plop in and move around furniture, doors, windows, rugs, plants, PCs, toilets, kitchen cabinets, stairs, lamps, etc. Items can be rotated and re-sized, and you save and modify and print whenever you feel like it.

The individual items may not look exactly like your own furnishings, and there is no 3D view and you can't paint the walls, and some items mysteriously vanish when you add others; but it works fine most of the time, costs you zero, and may be all that you need. Try it. CLICK

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