Monday, October 1, 2007

Kodak Picture Kiosks make amazing prints,
fast and cheap

Until recently, I've been printing my digital photos at home, with an HP printer. Quality is excellent, but it can take a long time to make each print.

I needed a big batch of prints to show to relatives on a recent 3,600 mile road trip, and uploaded a bunch of images for next-day printing at Costco. It was easy, fast and inexpensive, but a lot of the prints lacked the overall sparkle that I could achieve with my own PC and HP.

While on the road, I wanted to make some prints of an Ancient Aunt I had photographed in New Jersey on Day One, to show to a cousin in Maryland on Day Fifteen. I stopped in a Wal-Mart in Virginia to get see how long it would take to get some "one-hour" photos.

I noticed a group of Kodak Picture Kiosks in the department -- the same machines I had seen and ignored in countless other stores -- and decided to experiment.

I was quickly amazed. The print quality was absolutely spectacular. The prints popped out fast, and the cost was just 28 cents per 4-by-6. They have a protective coating to resist finger crud, and you can choose from several print sizes. It's possible to crop, zoom, correct red-eye and make other improvements; but I didn't need those features.

When I mentioned to the photo department guy how great the quality was, he admitted that it was better than he could make with the zillion-dollar minilab in the store.

There are more than 70,000 Kodak kiosks at retail locations worldwide. You can print from a wide range of digital media, camera phones, or even scan existing paper photos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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