Friday, October 19, 2007

Clear protectors for cellphones & media players

If you're one of the million folks who bought an iPhone, or have an iPod, or another media player or phone with a beautiful screen, you know that the screen can accumulate slime from finger taps, swipes and squeezes.

Accessory maker Belkin has a good solution.

Their razor-thin ClearScreen overlays provide a clear, protective shield to your screen, against oil, scratches and minor cosmetic damage from everyday use. ClearScreens are custom-designed to fit iPhones, Zunes, Palms, Samsungs and others. Prices range from $13 to $17, including a dry/wet cleaning cloth. Buy a few, because even the ClearScreen can get scratched while protecting your real screen.
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This is a preview, not a review.

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