Monday, October 15, 2007

Inexpensive compact folding speaker system from RadioShack

RadioShack's Mode 40-1441 is a terrific folding amplified stereo speaker system that's perfect for desk-top or night table use. It's great for any portable music player, or for improving the sound that comes out of a laptop PC.

On a recent trip, I used it with an XM satellite radio and iPod. It ran for 16 nights on just two sets of three AA cells. I could have used an AC adapter if I didn't mind having to deal with another cord; and there's also a 12-volt adapter available for in-car use.

The unique folding clamshell design and 3-way power capability make these speakers ideal for travel. You can stick them in a suitcase or PC case, or the case you carry your music player in. The included pouch provides added protection when not in use. An audio cable with 3.5mm stereo plug conveniently fits into a groove around the unit when not plugged-in.

It's certainly not hi-fi, but it probably sounds better than your laptop, weighs less than a half pound, fits almost anywhere, and costs a penny under twenty bucks. I recommend it highly. Available at your local RadioShack or online.

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