Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zwieback is great for big babies, too.

The medical definition of Zwieback is "sweetened bread that has been baked twice, preferred for infant feeding during teething."

It's baked as a loaf, which is then sliced into individual pieces that are baked again. (The more accurate name is zweiback from the German words meaning "twice baked.")

Anyway, my definition is "YUM."

Zwieback is about the size and shape of two adult fingers, golden-brown and crunchy, with a mild cinnamon taste. Babies love it. I love it. My dog loves it.

I don't remember if I ate it as a baby, but I love it as an adult. I've always eaten the Nabisco version, but apparently it's also sold by the Gerber baby food people.

It's great straight, right from the box. Or smear on some butter, margarine, salsa or peanut butter. You can also crush it and use it in or on cakes and other deserts.

It's definitely high on the list of comfort foods. If you can't find it in the cookie and cracker section of your supermarket, look in the baby section. Buy at least two boxes.


Anonymous said...

absolutely the best. My mother made all her cheesecakes with Zwieback crusts (Nabisco is the ONLY one with real butter, mace, nutmeg, and cinnamon and that special quality). Now I cannot find it anywhere and am desperate. Holidays and birthdays will not be right without Zwieback! I'm writing to Nabisco. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

My local D'Agostino's (specialty) store told me Nabisco was no longer making Zweiback, but if you Google it, you'll find sites to order boxes. The pix look like the real thing. I also make our family's favorite cheesecake with zweiback as the base (mixed with a little butter and sugar). Good luck to both of us!

Michael N. Marcus said...

I have no trouble getting it at ShopRite in Milford, CT.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it has been discontinued. Call 1-800-Nabisco and tell them you are upset that it is gone. Maybe if enough people do they will bring it back!