Thursday, August 2, 2007

Panasonic wireless phone system
installs in a few minutes.

Panasonic’s KX-TG4500 5.8GHz multi-handset wireless phone system combines the advantages of a business-style telephone system with convenience, mobility and easy installation.

It is the replacement for the extremely popular KX-TG4000 that made a big change in the residential and small business telecommunications business a few years back. Suddenly, professional installers with expensive trucks filled with cable, drills, snakes and staplers were simply not needed. Lots of phone system dealers were really pissed off at Panasonic, but consumers and business-owners were smiling and saving.

The original KX-TG4000 worked in the 2.4GHz frequency band. The new 5.8GHz model is less likely to cause interference with, or be interfered by, wireless computer networks. It also has more features, is more reliable, and costs less (under $450 for the first two phones, $99 for each additional phone).

It provides full phone system functions, such as intercom and voice mail, but doesn’t require the complicated wiring or central control unit needed for a conventional phone system. No special tools or training are needed for installation -- it's pretty much plug-and-play. Just connect the phone lines to the master base unit, plug in the AC charging cradle for each handset, set the intercom numbers, and the system is ready for use.

The KX-TG4500 connects as many as four phone lines. You can record multiple outgoing messages, and select which message goes with which line. If you have a business at home, for example, callers to one line would hear "Thank you for calling the Adams family..." but callers to your other line(s) would hear "Thank you for calling Adams Consulting Services..."

Up to eight wireless handsets can be used with each system, with full functions available at each handset.

The KX-TG4500 is designed to handle your messaging needs when you’re not available. The base incorporates a digital voice mail system with 100-minute capacity, plus auto attendant, so callers can "Press one-and-pound for sales, press two-and-pound for tech support" or "Press one-and-pound for Sally, press two-and-pound for Steve."

The system provides separate voice mailboxes and individual greetings for each handset in the system, plus a "general delivery" mailbox. And, unlike some messaging systems that allow only one user’s voice mail to be accessed at a time, the KX-TG4500 enables simultaneous voice mail operation from each handset regardless of the phone line in use.

Other messaging features include remote message and mailbox access from any handset, full voice prompts, and time and date stamps for each message recorded.

If you have Caller ID, even with Call Waiting service from your phone company, you can know who’s calling before speaking -- just glance at the illuminated three-line display on a handset or the base. The three-line LCD display will show each caller’s complete information without additional scrolling.

Backlighting on the LCD greatly aids visibility, especially in low light. Caller ID memory (viewable via the base or handset display) is for later review with instant callback capability. The base unit can store up to 100 callers’ names and numbers and each handset has memory capacity for an additional 30 names and numbers.

Either base or handset LCD’s also show “line in use,” message waiting and other icons for system status. The KX-TG4500 can also save your most-frequently dialed phone numbers in their alphabetical directory. The phone systems each have a 50-Station phone directory with dialer on the base, with room for an additional 50 names and telephone numbers on each handset.

A navigator key on each handset provides easy access to the Phone Directory/Dialer and Caller ID Memory. This key can also be used to set the handset volume or ringer loudness, or for programming and other functions.

Taking advantage of the ultra-clear 5.8GHz frequency band and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Digital Operation, these new multi-handset telephone systems “spread” their signal over many frequencies each second, helping to assure private conversation.

The KX-TG4500 lets you call any wireless handset from the base unit or “page” them all at once. Three-way conferencing capability lets you link two handsets with an outside call or two outside calls with an internal handset. Digital duplex speakerphones with eight-step volume control, located on the base of each model, is also included. This digital circuitry helps reduce the echo and dropout commonly found in conventional speakerphones, resulting in crystal-clear, hands-free conversations.

The basic package includes a wired "base" phone plus one wireless handset. You can easily and economically add up to seven more wireless handsets.

Each handset is powered by a high-capacity Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery, which offers twice the capacity of standard Nickel Cadmium rechargeable batteries, and recharges in the included AC-powered charging stand. Talk time is up to 8 hours, and standby time up to 96 hours.

Additionally a lighted keypad on each handset provides convenient dialing even in dimly lit situations and a headset jack allows connection to headsets equipped with a 2.5mm plug. Other features on each handset include belt clip, three-level handset volume control, an adjustable ringer (Off/Low/High) with four selectable patterns, Call Transfer, Incoming Call Tone, Any Key Answer, Hold, Flash, Pause, Redial and Tone/Pulse Dialing. Base-to-handset range is about 300 feet. Wall-penetration is excellent.

You can even connect one or more door intercom speakers, so you can speak to the Fedex driver while you're out in the backyard or cleaning your attic.

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