Thursday, August 30, 2007

Adult bib keeps food off your clothes and car

If you can't resist scarfing down a Subway Foot-Long, or a Wendy's Frosty Float, or a Taco Bell Gordito or a McDonalds Big Mac while you're behind the wheel of your nice car; or if you order messy foods in restaurants that don't have lobster bibs, or if you're married to a slob, or have sloppy kids, or if you have a big belly, this is a good investment.

The Drib is an adult bib, that will help shield your clothes, the car, and the dining room floor.

It's a foldable, washable, shoulder-to-knee bib with an absorbent fabric front and moisture-resistant back to keep spills off your shirt or jacket and pants, and large pockets on the bottom to catch wayward tomato slices or globs of whipped cream. The Drib has weighted shoulder tabs to keep it in position without ties or clips (kinda like the chest-protecting lead-filled apron you wear when you get a dental X-rays). It folds into its own pocket for storage.

Price is $23.95, From AutoSport Catalog. They have a lot of cool car stuff, so spend some time exploring their website, and request a catalog subscription.

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Kathryn said...

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