Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mini multi-tool has high quality, but price is low enough so you won't cry if it's confiscated before you get on a plane.

There are lots of multi-tools available in all sorts of sizes at all sorts of prices. You can find dollar-store tools that are not much stronger than aluminum foil, and high-quality models from Victorinox, Wenger, Leatherman and SOG, that may be too good to carry around and risk losing.

Here's a good compromise. The GREEN MIDGET pocket-sized tool is extremely high quality, yet compact, and inexpensive. It has a FIVE-YEAR unlimited warranty, but the price is so low, you won't cry if you lose it, or if it gets confiscated before you board a plane.

Blades are polished stainless steel. It has a really good spring-loaded long-nose pliers, with internal gripping ridges and wire cutting blades. Even Cynical Cousin Dave was impressed. You also get straight and phillips screwdrivers, a serrated saw, a sharp pointy knife, a mini LED flashlight, and a bottle opener. That's eight functions (or even nine if you count the key ring, or ten if you use it as a book mark, or eleven if you use the pouch to stash stuff).

It's a great tool that can get you out of jams, impress babes, and even cut sheetrock and remove olives from martinis. Buy one for your pocket, and for every vehicle and desk you use. Price is just $14. Battery is included. CLICK to order from PhoneGeeks.com


Anonymous said...

If Cynical Cousin Dave says it's OK, I'm buying ine.

Ray Lindquist said...

I have had two of them and I use it almost every day here at work (data center). The light is very nice and bright. Small enough to be carried in your jeans watch pocket. I just lost my 2nd one (miss placed it) so looking to buy maybe 8 to 12 for spares, I WILL use them.