Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No need to remember birthdays,
or go to card stores

Founded in 1906, American Greetings is the world's largest publicly owned creator, manufacturer and distributor of "social expression products," more commonly known as greeting cards.

The company employs thousands of artists, and its cards are sold in about 125,000 stores around the world -- but you can take advantage of the artists' talents and avoid going to any of those stores, by getting custom cards online.

At you can design cards and invitations for any conceivable occasion, and print them on your own printer, have them printed and mailed for you, or send them as email -- even e-cards with video and sound.

Thousands of designs are available, and you can easily customize them, by changing typography, artwork, even all the words if you want. It's quick, easy, fun, cheap (or free), and highly recommended.

You can be reminded to send cards before specific dates, and can make e-cards in advance, that will be sent when you want.

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