Monday, February 12, 2007

HP debuts touch-screen "kitchen PC"

This is a preview, not a review.
At the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Januaryy, HP tried to establish a new PC category with an all-in-one touch-screen PC using Microsoft Windows Vista.

Featuring a 19" Hi-Def wide-screen touch-screen, remote control, and video recorder with HD and SD capability, TouchSmart provides "walk-up computing" -- the ability to quickly and easily access digital content without a keyboard or mouse.

Users finger-click on king-size graphical icons to access stored information, a family calendar, photos, music, video, or the web. You can even use a finger to scroll vertically or horizontally; and it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse for people stuck in the 20th century. It also works as a TV, FM radio, and message center with text or recorded memos.

The HP TouchSmart PC should be in stores now, priced at about $1800. It would look great next to a Cuisinart, and eliminates the problem of spilling spaghetti sauce into your keyboard.

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