Friday, February 2, 2007

Plantronics CS50 wireless headset:
the ultimate in freedom and voice quality

Phone makers and headset makers have designed lots of different wireless models, using radio, infra-red, and even electromagnetic induction to carry voices through the air. Some required heavy boxes on your head, or in your pocket or on your belt. Others had batteries that ran out before the end of the business day. One lost communication if you picked up a paper on your desk or turned away from your phone. Some were uncomfortable, or difficult to use. Most of them didn't sound as good as a wired headset or handset.

Now we've moved beyond all the frustration, compromises and shortcomings. The CS50 from Plantronics does everything right. It sounds better than everything else, and weighs less than an ounce.

When you’re on the phone, the information you need may not be in front of you. It may be in the next office, or down the hall. Maybe you just need to take a leak, or open a door for someone, without putting your call on hold. To keep up with business, you need to move; you need to stay in touch. You need the Plantronics CS50 wireless headset.

In a typical office environment, you can walk and talk with the CS50 up to 300 feet away from your phone -- that's the length of a football field! You can move up and down, as well as back and forth, because the CS50 has the power to punch through floors and walls. You can fully recharge the headset in less than three hours, and give it an 80% recharge in 90 minutes.

Talk time can be 8 hours -- enough for a full day's work. (I recommend putting the headset on the charger when you don't need to use it. A lunch-time charge should insure enough power to get through the day.)

  • The CS50 uses digital 900 MHz technology to deliver calls that are clear, private and completely secure, with no wireless LAN interference.
  • The CS50’s integrated IntelliStand™ makes wireless mobility as easy as answering the phone — just pick up the headset and you pick up the call. The optional (but important) HL10 handset lifter allows you to answer and hang up, even when you're away from your desk, by just tapping a button on the earpiece.
  • The CS50 is stylish and comfortable with a customizable, convertible headset that can be worn over your ear or over your head. It's secure and comfortable, all day long.
  • Controls on headset for volume, mute and call answer/end.
  • "I'M TALKING!" indicators on headset and base.
  • Up to 40 CS50 headsets can be used in one area.
  • Midi-boom, with noise canceling microphone.
  • Weighs just 26 grams -- less than one ounce!
  • Price is under $250. Available from HeadsetHouse

    UPDATE: A newer version of the CS50 is the CS55, which is the first headset in the United States to implement 1.9GHz DECT voice-dedicated wireless technology, for minimal interference to and from wireless networks and other equipment and systems.

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