Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More status than an iPhone?
PizzaPhone automatically calls for food

BlackBerries and iPhones and diamond-studded Razrs are high-status phones in some places, but think about a bright red hot line phone that automatically calls your favorite pizza maker when you get the munchies. Can Moto match that?

PizzaPhone is the ultimate status symbol for a college dorm or fraternity, or an executive office; and it's a great "power tool" for your garage or basement. Also good for your lodge or club, the kitchen or break room at work, or anywhere hungry guys hang out. If you put it on the kitchen wall at home, it might even encourage your spouse to cook more. Or you might get hit with the phone.

Easily mounts on standard "RJ11W" wall phone jack. Works with ordinary analog phone line, or VoIP, or cable TV phone service, or in a business or institution's phone system. Powered by telephone line. No AC or battery required. Easy to program to call the pizzeria of your choice. No dial -- once the phone is programmed (by dialing into it), it will call the pizzeria by simply lifting the handset. CLICK for RedHotPhones.com

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