Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ice-less can cooler fits almost anywhere

Brookstone’s Iceless Can Cooler is a great idea – a mini-fridge that can hold one can or bottle. I tried one on my night table, and have them on my desks at home and work.

Brookstone discontinued the cooler, but I bought a few at a Brookstone outlet store for $7.99 each. Another company is selling them for $50 each, which seems like a ripoff. You might find a similar one elsewhere for less.

It cools down to 30° below room temperature, which is fine for soda, beer or Poland Spring. It’s AC powered (but some variations may also include a 12-volt car cord. )

No chemicals. No freezer packs. Nothing complicated -- just an on-off switch and a cool blue LED power indicator.

CAVEAT: its motor makes a bit of noise. I got used to it. My wife did not; so I no longer have one on my night table. SUGGESTION: The cooling is concentrated at the bottom of the can or bottle, so shake it every so often if you don't drink quickly. OTHER SUGGESTION: Don't expect it to quickly cool a warm drink. You'll be happier if you start with a can or bottle that's already cold.

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