Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Super deal on superb lobster

As I told you last week, if God skipped Day #3 and never got around to creating dry land, and instead skipped right ahead to Day #5 to create the sea creatures, I would not complain. I enjoy steaks, chicken, ribs and burgers, but I could live very happily on shellfish alone.

I enjoy simple raw clams with cocktail sauce, but lobster fra diavalo is probably my all-time favorite meal. If I am executed, that's what I want for my last meal. It's "to die for."

Lobster is usually a luxury food, but current prices are much lower than normal, and there are some terrific deals around. It's not good for the lobstermen who are getting about a buck less than last year for each scary critter, but depressed prices are wonderful for eaters.

On Sunday my wife and I split a two-lobster deal for just $21.95 at the Weathervane restaurant in Kittery, Maine. Two days earlier we feasted at their branch up the coast in South Portland. The lobbies were big and delicious, and are highly recommended.

Normally the "Wicked Cheap Twins" special deal is available only on Thursday, but we got them on Sunday. In Kittery we even had a coupon (in the book from the Tanger Outlet office) for a free appetizer. We got a plate of delicious onion rings that could have fed four hungry folks.

Here's a link for the Weathervane website. They have 16 restaurants in northern New England and upstate New York. If there's none nearby, they'll ship lobbies, chowdah and other treats to you.

Join their online Claw Club and you'll get a $10 coupon for your birthday, restaurant discount coupons, online lobster shipping discounts, and more.

Eat hearty, matey. Aaaargh!

As I've previously written, Kittery, Maine is a great place to eat and shop. There's plenty of clothes shoes and cosmetics for women, and men will have fun at Brookstone, Black & Decker, and Seiko.

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Thanks for the tip. I'm salivating already.