Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday deal on "Best of" XM & Sirius

On Black Friday, Sirius XM will launch a trial, free “Best of Both” promotion and its first holiday advertising under a single Sirius XM banner. The company will give people three free months of “Best of Both” service with the purchase of any Sirius or XM aftermarket product.

(FUCK THEM! what about something to reward people like me who have been subscribing to BOTH services for years, and are still waiting to merge their contracts?)

The top-tier service usually carries a charge of $16.99/month, and adds Sirius channels to an XM subscription or XM channels to a Sirius subscription at a $4 premium.

The company will also abandon separate XM and Sirius ads. The company hopes the switch to joint advertising will alleviate customer confusion at retail.

Additionally, Sirius XM is starting to experiment with promotions to customers of used cars that have satellite radios in them, to get the new owners to activate service. It is working with CarMax and AutoNation and with certified pre-owned dealers. (info from TWICE)

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