Friday, November 28, 2008

No need to go out to save today

I started typing this blog at 5:30AM on Black Friday. I had planned to get dressed in a few minutes to take out the trash and head to Circus City to snatch some BluRay disc deals.

Instead I found what I wanted on

No gas. No crowds. No lines. No tax. And I'll have them all on Tuesday with free shipping.

I also got a super-cool Seiko watch that I had not planned to get, at a bigger discount than I usually get at the Seiko factory outlet store in Maine.

Lots of other stores, including Circus City and Wally's Mart have good deals online, and many websites are offering free shipping. Keep in mind that if the company has a physical presence in your state, you will have to pay sales tax, which probably won't happen with Amazon orders.

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