Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Electronic bargains galore as stores close

With Circuit City closing 115 stores and Tweeter apparently closing 94 stores, there should be plenty of bargains in consumer electronics between now and year's end.

I won't miss Circuit City. I've often found their employees uninformed, unhelpful and dishonest.

Tweeter, on the other hand, has been a great place to shop, and I've spent many thousands of dollars with them over the last decade.

A year ago I bought two Sony XBR5 HDTVs at Tweeter. It was a 90-minute round trip. I first tried to buy them at a nearby Circuit City, but the salesman was a lying asshole, so he lost the sale.

A few tips:

When stores close, prices are usually gradually reduced, generally starting at 10 or 20% discounts, and maybe reaching 90% at the end. If there's something you really want, buy fairly early or you may lose out completely.

Circuit City may ship the most desirable products from the closing stores to surviving stores, where they can sell for more money.

Here's a list of CC's closing stores. (photo from

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