Monday, August 4, 2008

Some more reasons to love

I'm a big fan of, and seldom go a week without ordering a few things from them.

The obvious reasons are that they have LOTS OF STUFF, the prices are good and they ship quickly; but I'd like to point out two advantages that you folks may not be aware of.

(1) People who buy a lot, like me, can save a huge amount of money on shipping charges, with the Amazon Prime program.

You pay $79 a year, and get unlimited FREE two-day shipping on everything Amazon sells, and you can upgrade to next-day shipping for just $3.99. There's no minimum order size, and no maximum weight. You can use it for a two-buck book, or heavy-weight audio or video equipment, and you can even try the program FREE for a month.

(Keep in mind, however, that the Prime deal does not apply to independent merchants who sell through Amazon, so pay attention to whose stuff you are actually ordering.)

(3) Amazon has their own branded credit cards, issued by Chase Bank. You can use any credit card to buy from Amazon, but if you use your Amazon card, you can get FREEBIES from Amazon. You earn three points for each buck you spend with your Amazon/Chase Visa at Amazon, and one point for each buck spent anywhere else.

Once you've accumulates 2,500 points, Amazon sends you a $25 reward certificate that you can redeem online.

No here's where it gets even better.

I have two Amazon cards, one for business and one for personal use. Last month I used the business Amazon card to pay about $15,000 in business bills, and they sent me $150 in reward certificates that I was able to use to buy merchandise to re-sell. The profit is pretty darn high when both the cost of goods and cost of shipping are ZERO.

Amazon, we love you!

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