Monday, August 18, 2008

New wireless headset costs about 60 bucks less than major brands

People who've been reading this blog for a while know that I'm a big believer-in and booster-for telephone headsets, particularly wireless headsets.

I hate seeing people squeezing telephone handsets between their cheeks and their shoulders while they use their hands for typing of shuffling papers.

I equally hate people using crappy hands-free speakerphones that transmit lots of ambient noise and reveal an "while I'm willing to talk to you, don't expect me to give you 100% of my attention" attitude.

A good headset avoids those problems, and a good wireless headset also means there's one less wire to get tangled up with the wires on your desk, and that you can be free to wander from your desk without halting your conversation.

My day job is being the boss of a company that develops and sells a wide range of telecom equipment. We're big believers in wireless headsets. All of our people wear them all day long. If a sales person gets asked if a certain something is in stock, he can walk from his desk in the office into the warehouse, and even climb up a ladder if necessary, while still talking to the customer -- without trailing a telephone cord.

We can start a conversation at our desks, and go out to the warehouse, make a stop in the men's room, go out to the parking lot to close car windows if it looks like it's going to rain, and get back to our desks -- probably without the people we're talking to realizing that we ever left our desks.

  • And our hands are free for typing and flipping papers
  • And there are fewer wires to tangle or trip over.

Mobility is wonderful.

But it can be expensive.

Most of the major brand wireless headsets cost around $300, or even more when the remote handset lifters are included. If you don't get the remote lifter, you have to be at your desk to begin and end the call, which severely limits the usefulness of having a wireless headset. And even if you're at your desk, you'd have to pick up and hang your handset to use the headset, which is really lame.

A lot of the advertising for wireless headsets is deceptive. Many dealers make the price seem low by offering the remote handset lifter as an option. The total price is usually about $60 - $75 more. OUCH!

Take it from me, the remote lifter is not an option, unless you never leave your desk.

It's like a car dealer advertising a new Honda Accord for $14,000, and at the bottom of the ad there's a footnote in tiny type telling you that the engine and transmission will cost you $12,000 more. Of course, if you never take the Honda out of your garage, you don't need an engine and transmission. And if you never leave your desk, you don't need a remote handset lifter, and probably don't need a wireless headset.)

(TIME OUT. In case you didn't know, a remote handset lifter is a small radio-controlled gadget that allows you to remotely pick-up and hang-up the handset on your phone by tapping a button on your wireless headset to begin or end a call. It sounds like a clunky way to do business, but they actually work quite well with the vast majority of phones. It would be nice if phone makers and headset makers could agree on a universal electronic interface standard that would do away the need for remote lifters, but we'll probably have peace in the Middle East before that happens.)

Anyway, we wanted more people to be able to afford wonderful wireless headsets. So we got together with Chameleon, the company that's been making our extremely popular MN-25 and BN-25 wired headsets, and worked with them to develop an absolutely first-rate wireless headset that's as good or better than what the "major brands" are offering, but could sell for at least SIXTY BUCKS LESS.

We're extremely proud of our new HH-101. Even Cynical Cousin Dave likes it. It sounds super. It weighs almost nothing. The battery life is more than long enough to make it through the work day. Its 150-foot range is long enough for a big office or even a warehouse. And despite its low price, it's not some ugly Frankenstein monstrosity. It's an elegant contemporary design that will be an asset to any office. And the person who controls the assets of the office will appreciate the low price.

You can wear it three different ways: over your ear, with a band around the back of your head, or with a band over the top of your head. The headband is the most secure for people who move around a lot. But, if you're concerned about messing your hair, you'll probably prefer one of the other methods. It's easy to set it up the way you want. You can change easily, and all of the pieces are included. There's no need to pay extra, or wait for accessories to arrive.

Even with the over-the-head headband, the HH-101 weighs very little -- less than a big Tootsie Roll. It's so light and so comfortable that you might forget you're wearing it until you're in the middle of a conversation and have to make a mad dash for the john or the parking lot and realize you don't have to yank off the headset and put your call on hold.

  • Advanced Digital Sound Processing (DSP) circuitry, noise-canceling microphone and Ultra Audible receiver for perfect sound in and out. No one will be saying "Please repeat that."

  • Very low weight -- weighs less than a big Tootsie Roll, even with the headband attached.

  • Works on telephones, and computers using VoIP, or even for computer speech recognition programs.

  • Compatible with any office phone that has a handset with a plug-in ("modular") handset)

  • 2.4GHz DSST "Digital Spread Spectrum Technology"

  • Includes all equipment needed for THREE WEARING STYLES: over-the-ear, super-stable headband, and neck band

  • Microphone mute and receiving volume controls on the headset so you can make adjustments wherever you are.

  • Long microphone boom for strong voice output and minimum background noise

  • Fast battery recharging (3-4 hours typical)

  • Optional spare battery can be charged while headset is in use or on base.

  • Typical 16 to 18 hours talk time

  • Typical 150-foot range from base to headset

  • Incoming call tone notification at headset: when you hear the tone, tap a button and talk.

  • "On-a- call" LED indication at headset so people know not to interrupt your conversations

  • Headset locator button on base

  • Remote handset lifter is INCLUDED so you can start and end phone calls by just tapping a button on the headset.

  • Headset weight with over-the-ear loop: 1.6 ounces

  • Headset weight with headband: 2.2 ounces.

  • Warranty: one year

  • "Ground" shipping is FREE to all 50 states.

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