Friday, August 15, 2008

Lenovo to offer $399 laptops

Lenovo announced it is entering the “netbook” PC market with the new IdeaPad S10. Lenovo designed the super-slim, super-small model to complement a person’s primary PC or to be a first-time PC. The IdeaPad S10 allows users to perform simple activities such as Internet access, email, music listening and to run basic applications.

It's approximately one-inch thin, weighs just over two pounds, has Windows XP and uses the Intel® Atom™ processor. Lenovo offers the IdeaPad S10 in two configurations, one with 512 MB of memory and an 80 GB hard drive and one with 1 GB of memory and a 160 GB hard drive.

The 10.2-inch screen IdeaPad S10 netbook comes in white and black as well as a glossy ruby red. Lenovo designed the keyboard to be 85 percent the size of a full-size laptop, and an energy-efficient LED backlit display helps provide longer battery life than traditional displays.

The IdeaPad S10 includes WiFi and also has an Express Card slot so users can enable the IdeaPad S10 for optional high speed mobile broadband2 connectivity. To optimize the social networking experience, the IdeaPad S10 comes with tools such as a built-in web camera for video messaging, and its two USB ports and a 4-in-1 multicard reader make connecting other devices and transferring photos, music and videos simple.

Lenovo engineered the IdeaPad S10 netbook to reduce the heat emitted on key contact areas such as the bottom of the PC, the palm rest and the keyboard. Additionally, Lenovo’s OneKey™ Rescue System3 helps users recover data at the touch of a button should a system error or virus occur.

The IdeaPad S10 netbook PC will be available beginning in early October, and prices start at $399.
This is a preview, not a review.

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