Friday, December 28, 2007

New Poland Spring bottle is great for the planet,
but it sucks for people

My wife, my dog, and I drink many gallons of delicious Poland Spring water each week -- usually bought at Costco in 35-packs of 1/2-liter bottles.

Recently, Poland Spring has gone "green," by introducing their new Eco-Shape bottle. It feels floppy like a foil birthday balloon that's lost half its helium.

It's said to be the lightest half-liter bottle ever produced and is 100% recyclable. It has a "waist" like a traditional Coke bottle so it's easy to carry and hold. It requires less energy to make, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions. Even the paper label is 30% smaller so fewer trees are chopped down and chewed up.

The new bottle is flexible so it's allegedly easier to crush for recycling.

I was not aware that traditional plastic bottles were too tough for the mega-ton crushers at recycling plants; but the new bottle is so flexible, that it crunches NOISILY when held by a mere human being.


Fortunately, at least for a while, you can still find Poland Spring in the old un-friendly bottle, if you'd rather be good to yourself than to your planet.

Of course, if you drink from the sink, you can be good to the Earth and save money, too.

Our dog is perfectly happy with sink water, or refrigerator filter water, or swimming pool water, or eating snow, or slurping puddles; but my wife gives him only Poland Spring. I've warned him not to die, because heaven won't be nearly as good as our house.

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