Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2-way GPS collects & sends traffic data

Dash Navigation is taking preorders on its first-of-a-kind “always on,” two-way personal navigation device (PND). The $599 Dash Express that not only provides real-time traffic reports, but also tracks the travel speed of its users to aggregate traffic reports that are broadcast to other Dash users. It also performs wireless Yahoo! Local searches on the go. The PND has a cellular data connection as well as Wi-Fi.

The device is also one of the first to provide a traffic overview for an entire metro area (not just one route path), and it delivers gas price and movie time listings, as well as street-name guidance.

After several delays, the device should be available in February 2008 from the manufacturer, with retail distribution starting in the Spring.

Dash Navigation has tested the Dash Express with approximately 2,000 users over the past several months. The company said it is taking preorders because shipments will be limited initially and it wanted to give the early testers and other early adopters a chance to buy the first units in February.

Service fees for the device start at $9.99/month with an upfront, two year payment, moving to $10.99 for a year’s payment and $12.99 on a monthly payment plan. CLICK for more, or to order. (info from TWICE.)
This is a preview, not a review.

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