Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AKG female-friendly microphone

This may be marketing bullshit, and might even incite sex-discrimination lawsuits, but microphone-maker AKG says their new Elle C model "is perfectly tailored to the female voice." Since female voices range from boomy bass to chalk-on-blackboard squeaks, with power ranging from whispers to shouts, I frankly don't understand the concept.

Anyway, AKG says the mic "delivers an extremely accurate, detailed, and natural sound, and also matches the highest aesthetic expectations of performing female vocalists" and "its slender, elegant silhouette and special finish in either high-gloss metallic or white pearlescent paint adds an exciting visual dimension to every performance." Price is $339. I'm not sure if it vibrates. CLICK for more.
This is a preview, not a review.

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