Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Great gift idea (especially for yourself):
Batman phone

On the "Batman" TV show, first aired in 1966-68, when trouble arose in Gotham City, Police Commissioner Gordon and Police Chief O'Hara used a special red phone to call Batman, a.k.a. "Bruce Wayne."

At stately Wayne Manor, the flashing Batphone was answered by butler Alfred, who related the commissioner's plight to Batman/Bruce.

Bruce and his young ward Dick Grayson would swiftly don their superhero costumes and tool belts, and speed from the Bat Cave in the Batmobile, to battle evil-doers or rescue citizens in distress.

Now anyone -- even those without cape, tights and utility belt -- can have a Batphone. It has the distinctive 1960s shape, and a light that flashes when a call comes in. It plugs into a standard phone jack, and requires no battery or other power source.

You can order it with ringing and flashing, or flash-only if you prefer. These BatPhones have no dials and are normally used for answering calls, but can make calls if connected to a phone system with memory dialing, or to a ring-down circuit. You can get a wall or table model, in bright Batman red.

Price is just $112, with FREE shipping to all 50 states, and two-year warranty. CLICK for

Photos from TV Acres & Archive Photos; info from, TV Acres, Wikipedia.)

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