Wednesday, March 14, 2007

World's noisiest printer actually prints fine

The Konica-Minolta Magicolor 2400W is a color laser printer. It prints fast. It prints well. It seldom jams. It's reasonably priced (under $300). There's a $50 rebate that runs until the end of March. Toner cartridges are readily available. It uses ordinary paper. It's relatively compact. It won an award from PC Magazine.

On the other hand, it's as noisy and shaky as the 1921 Oldsmobile that transported the Clampett clan from the Ozarks to Beverly Hills.

When it prints, or prepares to print, it sounds like it's about to spew its guts all over the office. It will ruin your nap, wake the dead, drown out your radio, frighten children and pets, and make you miss the good old days of quiet carbon paper.

If it didn't print so well, I'd use my Magicolor as a target for shotgun practice, and throw what's left into the cee-ment pond.

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