Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hangable power inverter for back seat computing

This is a preview, not a review.
There are lots of power inverters available, that can transform the 12 volts DC produced by your car's electrical system, into the 110 volts AC needed by PCs and other indoor gear.

They range from fist-size to book size, and they normally flop around in the car.

Team Products International, which uses the Coleman brand name, has devised a way to fight the flopping. Their new CMPW225 225 watt Powerworks inverter is a slim package that comes with straps that can suspend it from a front seat headrest, to provide power for someone sitting in the second row. It can be used for a PC, DVD player, or any device that draws 225 watts or less.

The front panel has two AC outlets with protective covers that should keep out slimy lollypop sticks, and an LED indicator light so you know its plugged in and producing juice.

The Coleman PowerWorks inverter was recognized as the “Coolest New Auto Accessory Product” at the 2006 AAPEX, a huge trade show for car parts and accessories. You can have your very own award winner, to keep the rear seat passengers busy or productive, for less than $40. It's available at and elsewhere.

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