Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super-thin, super-expensive laptop from Dell

Dell is entering the ultra-thin notebook business with the Adamo, from the Latin for "to fall in love with."

The aluminum-body laptop costs $2,000 or more and comes in two colors, "onyx" and "pearl." It has a 13-inch screen and, with a depth of less than 0.67-inch, is thinner than both Apple's 0.76-inch MacBook Air ($1,800 and up) and Hewlett-Packard Co.'s 0.7-inch Voodoo Envy notebook (from $1,900).

Even the customer support package goes upscale. Dell will guarantee the same team of service representatives for $99 for a year or $349 for three.

Dell, known for affordable, no-frills computers, leaned toward the seductive imagery of couture as it designed a marketing campaign to fit the Adamo. The leap Dell is asking consumers to make from its core brand would be a risk in any economy, let alone the worst recession of the personal-computer age. PC sales are sliding and the lone bright spot in the market appears to be small, inexpensive "netbooks," Adamo's polar opposite.

CLICK for more info. (Info from The Associated Press, photo from notebooks-site.com)

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