Friday, March 13, 2009

Live TV and Sirius XM comintg to iPhones and iPods

MobiTV and CBS Sports will stream live video of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament to the iPhone and iPod Touch via Wi-Fi to people who buy a $4.99 application from the Apple iTunes App Store.

The application’s official name is “CBS Sports Mobile: NCAA March Madness On Demand.”

MobiTV already supplies live TV over cellular radio to other cellphones in the US but not to the iPhone. MobiTV expects to provide other TV content to Apple devices in the future.

The MobiTV-powered Wi-Fi application will feature live Wi-Fi video of all 63 games of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship from March 19 through April 6. Live audio of each game, however, can be streamed via the iPhone’s cellular 3G and EDGE technologies as well as live updates, stats and video-on-demand highlights of games.

The application delivers a “clickable” tournament bracket showing all tournament teams and allows users to touch any current game to launch live TV of the game.

Sirius XM plans to offer an iPhone/iPod Touch application in the second quarter.

The app would stream Sirius XM to iPhones and iPod Touch devices and will permit an estimated users to access Sirius XM content if they are paid subscribers. New subscribers won’t have to purchase a new radio. (info from TWICE)

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