Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wal-Mart is a better place than AT&T to get an AT&T cellphone

Last year I replaced my Moto flipper with a new Samsung Sync. Initially I was impressed, but the love quickly ran cold.

I frequently struggled to flip open the wrong end, never learned the multiple button sequence to operate the camera or the hands-free speaker, and after a month I canceled the slooooow TV programming that was cute but totally impractical.

I knew it was just a matter of time before I'd replace it. It was just a matter of when, for what, and for how much.

The answer came two weeks ago, when the outer screen cracked. Apparently it collided with keys that I carelessly carried in the same pocket. I probably could have paid to get the Sammy fixed, but why prolong the agony?

I went to my local ATT store, and settled on a familiar Moto flipper. It was older technology. The display was not as sharp as the Sammy, but there was no doubt about flipping it open, or which button turned on the speakerphone or the camera.

"Regular" price, which no one pays, was $250, but with a rebate for contract renewal, the the price came down to $150. It seemed a bit high for older tech, but I went along with it just to end the shopping. I was more upset about having to use the ancient US mail to get my hundred bucks back.

Last week I was in Wal-Mart and I saw the same friggin phone with the same two-year AT&T deal for $48 and change. I used my new Moto to take a picture of the sign, and planned to show the evidence to the folks at my AT&T store to demand either a price match or a refund.


The Wal-Mart website offers "my" Motorazr V3xx as well as the more advanced Motorazr2 V9 (bigger display, better camera, streaming radio, Stereo Bluetooth, touch-sensitive external music keys). AND THEY'RE BOTH FREE with the same two-year contract renewal I would have gotten with a $150 phone at the AT&T store.

Up-yours, AT&T.

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