Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nearly-new red rotary dial phone: Show your kid how people lived before VoIP and wireless.

No Caller ID. No voicemail. No flash button. No batteries. No power cord. No MegaHertzes. No GigaHertzes. No mute button. No speaker. No redial. No memory. No headset jack. No antenna. No octothorpe. No pound sign. No shipping charge.

The last company to make rotary-dial phones in the USA stopped making them a few years ago. However, if you want a phone that looks and works like Elvis-era telecommunications, there is a good solution. recently discovered a stash of New Old Stock parts, and for a while, they'll be able to supply what they're calling Nearly New Phones. They have a one-year warranty, just like when they were factory-fresh.

When a call comes in, instead of a wimpy 21st-century warble, you'll hear the sound of a powerful mechanical "dual-gong ringer," just like on Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best, and Happy Days.

The plastic shell is new and shiny. The handset has never been held by anyone outside the factory or assembly plant. The dial has never been dialed, except for testing. The cords are brand-new, too. No one will now it's not 100% new unless they turn the phone over. Price is $123, with free shipping to all 50 states, even if you live or work in Dutch Harbor, Alaska or Niihau, Hawaii. CLICK to order.
Note: a rotary-dial phone should work fine even if your other phones are touch-tone, BUT may not work with some VoIP companies. Check with your service provider. BUT, you may receive incorrect information.

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