Thursday, May 1, 2008

If you have a real crappy phone cord,
you can win a free BatPhone

Despite the boom in wireless and cordless phones, most phones still use two cords. is a new website with a huge selection of high quality telephone cords for your office and home, and can help you replace worn out cords, tangled cords, or cords that are too short, too long or the wrong color. A money-saving shipping program can get up six cords to any address in the USA in two or three days for just $9; or up to 20 cords anywhere in the 50 states for just $12 -- even to Alaska and Hawaii.

While the purpose of the website is to get people to replace their crummy old telephone cords, they're having a contest that will reward some folks who have resisted warnings to upgrade.

People with crappy, crummy, cruddy, tangled, mangled, faded, melted, twisted, foul-smelling, bug-infested, run-over, static-prone, intermittent, paint-dripped, ink-dipped, chewed-up, stretched-out or wrong-color cords are encouraged to email a picture of the cord.

If your cord is ugly enough, or your digital picture is funny enough, you'll win a bright red BatPhone with a flashing red light. It's similar to the one Commissioner Gordon used when he called Batman for help when there was trouble in Gotham City. Your BatPhone will have two perfectly good, brand new cords. CLICK for contest details.

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