Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wells Fargo to offer online "safe"

Yesterday Wells Fargo announced their vSafe service, the first online storage solution from a financial institution that lets banking customers store and organize copies of important materials, such as financial statements, loan and tax documents, wills, passports, and birth, marriage and death certificates.

By protecting information in an electronically secure and centralized location, customers can easily access and recover copies of critical documents in the event of a natural disaster, theft or hard drive crash, or while traveling. Wells Fargo will start the service later this year.

Wells Fargo’s online security technology protects and preserves documents stored in the Wells Fargo vSafe service, providing peace of mind while helping customers stay organized. The Wells Fargo vSafe service is integrated with the Wells Fargo Online® banking service and allows customers to automatically upload account statements each month.

Customers can access their Wells Fargo vSafe account from any Internet connection – unlike hard drives, flash drives and archiving solutions. The service includes:

  • The power to store virtually any popular file format (e.g., Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, photos, audio and video files).
  • An easy-to-use interface and standard folders such as “Medical,” “Legal” and “Family” to organize materials. Customers can add, modify and delete these folders.
  • The ability to have Wells Fargo account statements automatically uploaded.

    Wells Fargo takes a layered approach to security for all of its online products, and has done the same with the Wells Fargo vSafe service. From the moment account information leaves computers to the time it enters Wells Fargo’s system, all data is encrypted to securely transmit and store it. Optional security devices are available for customers who wish to have an additional layer of security.

    Wells Fargo is supporting Wells Fargo vSafe customers with dedicated online help, and customers may call a dedicated toll-free customer service number if they prefer help from a customer service agent.
    This is a preview, not a review.
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