Friday, March 28, 2008

Outdoor weatherproof TVs from Pantel

It's now springtime in the northern hemisphere, and in the northern US, thoughts are turning to backyard patios and pools. Advances in technology have made what was once a dream, now a reality -- outdoor weatherproof high definition television, that you can even watch in bright sunlight.

Pantel, which calls itself "the worldwide leader in outdoor weatherproof TV solutions," has a new line of products that are great for sports stadiums, bus stations, restaurants, golf courses, and of course, backyards.

What could be better than floating in your pool or grilling steaks while watching your favorite movie in high-def?

In the past, outdoor televisions had to be installed under a canopy, or behind plastic or glass.

Pantel flat LCD TVs have their own protection from the weather. Even the remote control is weatherproof. There are 32" and 42" models priced at $3950 and $4450. 52" and 60" models are being worked on. The sets come with a wireless RF link, so you can send high-def video and audio up to 150 feet from your cable box, satellite receiver or DVD player inside, to your Panatel outside. CLICK for more.
This is a preview, not a review.

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