Monday, November 5, 2007

Stallion: Is it a motorcycle with an extra wheel, or a car that's missing a wheel?

If you're an aging biker who has trouble keeping your balance, or a wannabe biker afraid of tipping over, the three-wheel Stallion 1 trike bike from Thoroughbred Motorsports might be the perfect solution.

It can't go around curves nearly horizontal, it has a steering wheel instead of handlebars, and Hell's Angels may give you the middle-finger salute; but it's hard to tip over, even with an overweight passenger behind you, and you still get some wind in whatever hair you have left, and there's no need for a kickstand.

Its fiberglass body makes it looks like a tiny open car, and it has four-wheel features like cupholders, CD player and air conditioning. Engine is a 4-cylinder 155HP 2.3L Ford. Tranny is a 5-speed automatic, with reverse. It has 7 cubic feet of trunk space plus a trailer hitch to haul lots of stuff. Base price is $29,995, but almost endless options can add more. Six color choices. 3-year/30,000 mile warranty. 30 - 50-plus MPG. CLICK for more.
This is a preview, not a review.


Anonymous said...

The trike looks awesome. I understand
that if a roof enclosure is added it would not be considered a motorcycle. For us older cyclists you don't have to worry about a heavy bike falling over at a stop. I think that it is a bike that women can drive, being it has an automatic transmission, an now we men can justify buying one.
I don't understand the non-refundable $3,000 down payment other than it assures the manufacturer that it has an immediate sale. However, if the company has been selling these since 2007 and still on one shift basis and are sold out through April, 2008, sales must be up in the hundreds, and if you ordered one now it probably would not be delivered until "09. I don't know if I could wait that long but probably will.

Unknown said...

I was waiting for just this type of vehicle, it like a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Cute to look at, but with a ford engine and transmision, rear's STILL a car, not a motorcycle, never WAS a motorcycle, never WILL BE a motorcycle. It IS a three wheeled automobile, just like the 1950's BMW and Messerschmitt. A REAL motorcycle Trike is a motorcycle, was a motorcycle and allways will be a motorcycle first and a trike second. Not since the Servicar or Cushman has a production trike been built. ALL motorcycle trikes are based on a name manufacturer's motorcycle with a conversion kit, either after-market or done at the trike dealer's factory, such as Lehman has done with the Suzuki, Boulevard, Victory and now Harley.

They can CALL this a trike, but it
IS NOT a motorcycle!


Anonymous said...

Nuff Sed is wrong. Not all trikes are a conversion. I ride a Boss Hoss trike (built on a Corvette engine) it is made in TN and was build as a trike not a motorcycle conversion. But the Boss Hoss is a motorcyle...with handlebars and other motorcycle stuff. I'm not embarassed to go to a Harley event on it. Matter of fact, people will walk past 100 Harley's to come look at my trike.

Boss Hoss Lady.

Anonymous said...

Harley makes a true trike for '09--it is limited production, 2500 units are they are selling very, very well. Basic cost is about $30K--it is built on their frame and with a slightly raked front end to make it "easier" to steer. Has an electric reverse option and two optional colors. There are also some extra goodies available. It is called the H-D Tri-Glide Ultra Classic. H-D partnered with Lehman who manufactures the back pieces (3 piece). Great looking machine!!!