Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Great sugar-free sodas

People who need to shun sugar for medical reasons, or just want to cut down on calories, have lots of choices.

Years ago, Tab and Diet Rite Cola and most other "diet" sodas tasted like crap, but now there are many that taste quite good. Some people who aren't concerned about sugar say they prefer them to the "normal" versions.

Best of the diet colas is Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. I like it better than regular diet Coke, and its distribution has been growing to include the self-service soda fountains at various restaurants, including Five Guys.

If you're a ginger-ale drinker, Diet Canada Dry is a superb substitute for the sugary version.

Other winners are Diet Cherry 7up, Dr. Brown's Diet Cream , Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry, Faygo Diet Raspberry Creme, Polar Diet Black Cherry, Foxon Park Diet White Birch Beer.

Unfortunately, I have not yet discovered an acceptable diet root beer.
I can't guarantee that all of the mentioned sodas are 100% sugar-free, and they may contain high amounts of sodium or other ingredients that are bad for you. Read the labels, and check with your doctor.

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Anonymous said...

I came across this blog fairly randomly, but saw your note asking for a good diet root beer. I'm not a huge fan of A&W diet, but what is as good as regular A&W is Shasta's diet root beer. It might be hard to find. It's made with Splenda rather than aspartame. It's also caffeine free. Wikipedia says Shasta's often found at 99 cent stores.