Friday, November 2, 2007

New Panasonic Blu-ray player
with "final standard"

Panasonic has announced the introduction of their DMP-BD30 "next generation" hi-def 1080p Blu-ray Disc player. The DMP-BD30 is the first Blu-ray player with Final Standard Profile, which adds several new and enhanced features that other brands do not have, according to Panasonic. Also unique to the DMP-BD30 is an SD Memory Card slot for playback of High Definition content recorded in the AVCHD format, and viewing of digital still images.

Final Standard Profile is an advanced function added to the Blu-ray standard, which enables new functions such as Picture-in-Picture and Audio Mixing (allows you to switch the sound between the main and sub windows).

Other DMP-BD30 features: Deep Color Compatibility, HMI 1.3B (that bumps the step gradation from 8-bit 256 all the way up to 12-bit, 4,096 step gradation), 1080/24p playback (for the same 24 frames per second reproduction as the original movie, for a smoother picture.

The inclusion of a multi-function SD Card slot is another new addition to the player. It for images recorded on a high capacity HD SD card to be outputted directly from the player’s HDMI terminal in their original 1080p form. Also, the DMP-BD30 provides an AVCHD Direct Navigator function that makes it easy to search for particular scenes. The player can also play back JPEG still images on an SD card. The DMP-BD30 converts the images to 1920x1080 resolution, ideal for viewing on a 1080p HD TV, through the HDMI terminal.

Like its predecessor, the DMP-DB30 features the EZ-Sync™ HDAVI Control that allows operation of a Panasonic home theater system with one remote. With one touch of the EZ-Sync button, all the components turn on, the correct TV input is chosen, the TV’s built-in speakers are muted and the home theater starts playback.

Due later this month. SRP is $499.95.
This is a preview, not a review.

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