Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Microwave oven trim kit
makes your nuker look nicer

This is not exactly a Big Boy's Toy, but it's a useful gadget that solves a real problem at a reasonable price; so it's worth talking about.

Lots of microwave ovens end up on open shelves, even in expensive custom kitchens. Sometimes the kitchen contractor makes a custom frame for your nuker, and then a few years later you replace it, and the new oven doesn't fit.

A company called Micro-Trim, Inc. has a great solution. You tell them the make and model of the m'wave, and the dimensions of the space where you're putting it, and they send you a custom kit with top and side strips that fill the space perfectly.

You can choose from five finishes, and the strips have ventilation openings so heat doesn't build up inside the cabinet. You probably won't need any tools more advanced than a screwdriver. I had to raise up my oven on some 1 x 2" furring strips, but the whole job took just minutes, and it looks great.

Micro-Trim also has trim kits for thermal ovens, and cooktops. Toll-free number is 800-338-8746. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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