Thursday, May 24, 2007

L.L.Bean LED headlight for your head

If you need your hands for something other than holding a flashlight, you'll like the Trailblazer™ II Headlamp from legendary Maine woods outfitter L.L.Bean. You can light up your trail, campsite, cookout, fish hook, flat tire, attic or dog walk with bright, power-efficient LED light. It's a great Fathers Day gift -- even for your sister or yourself.

Four long-lasting LED bulbs provide illumination to almost 90 feet, and burn for up to 150 hours on the low setting. You can select high, medium or low to balance brightness and battery life for your specific situation; and there's also a safety flash mode for warning others or attracting attention when there's trouble.

A handy red indicator light lets you know when the batteries are running low. It uses three AAA batteries, and Bean supplies the first set. Price is $29.50, and you can choose from five colors. CLICK to order. Bean is one of my favorite companies. I shop online, by catalog, and in their "real" stores in Maine. They have lots of cool, high-quality stuff, even for people who never go hunting or fishing. Get on their mailing list for catalogs, and get their credit card, so you'll be able to get orders shipped free.

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