Monday, May 14, 2007

Cummins tool bargains and other bargains

Cummins Industrial Tools has stores in the Midwest (six in the Kansas City area, two in the St. Louis area and one in Omaha) plus a website, and trucks wandering around the country.

I recently went to one of their truck sales, held at a nearby Shriners' lodge.

They had an amazing assortment of tools and gadgets at impressive prices: hand tools, power tools, garden tools, drill bits, games, flag poles, compressors, paint ball guns, winches, chain saws, scaffolds, duct tape, camping gear, work gloves, batteries, tents, tarps, pressure washers, tool boxes, work lights, garden lights, cots, poker sets, knives, leaf blowers, dandelion removers, vises, tricycles, weed trimmers, you name it. Everything is guaranteed, for 90 days or more. You can pay with cash or plastic.

CLICK for online ordering and for store addresses. If you want to know when and where there will be a truck sale near you, call 1-308-832-2070 or email Please include your city, state, county and how many miles you are willing to travel to get to a truck sale.

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