Friday, January 19, 2007

Swiss Army knives are for girly-men.
This is for tool guys.

Paladin is a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of high quality electronics tools.

SOG is a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of high quality knives favored by the military and law enforcement. Navy SEALs use SOG knives.

A few years ago, the two companies got together to develop PowerPlay, a multi-function tool for electronic geeks.
It’s like having a complete tool kit that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s light weight, compact and easily carried on your belt, in your pocket, or in your car's glove compartment. With a single tool you can work with Romex® - cut it, strip it, twist it, loop it – even install a wall outlet or switch. Cat3 or Cat5e are no problem either. Cut it, strip it, punch it down, for phone or data.
Beyond that, PowerPlay is everything you would expect in a premium multi-tool and more. Work with it during the week, and play with it on the weekend.
PowerPlay is not your average multi-tool. We’ve all used multi-tools for camping, fishing, or around the house. Maybe you even use one everyday on the job. But until PowerPlay, multi-tools lacked the dedicated components required to be truly useful in electronics and electrical work.
How many times on the job, or while visiting friends or family, have you heard, “While you’re here could you take a look at this?” Or maybe you’re in a crawl space or in the ceiling and you ran into something unexpected. Were you ready?
PowerPlay is designed specifically for datacomm, telecom and electrical work, but also handles a wide range of general tinkering. You'll save time because you always have the right tool. SOG's patented Compound Leverage™ System gives it double the cutting and gripping power of ordinary multi-tools. It's very well made, and easy to use -- you can flip it open with one hand.
Paladin PowerPlay is 24 tools in one, a tool box in your pocket. Here's some of what it can do: ►Cut and strip Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, coax, Romex and BX. ►Punch down wires. ►Cut holes in drywall. ►Replace hard drive. ►File your nails. ►Clean your teeth. ►Scare away muggers. ►Cut pizza. ►Open beer bottles. ►Screw. ►Unscrew. ►Impress your friends. ►Intimidate your rivals. CLICK to order from

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Anonymous said...

Cool tool. Does it punchdown on both 66 and 110 blocks?