Thursday, December 28, 2006

Panasonic network cameras:
See there when you can't be there

In good times and bad times, people like to be assured that everything is OK; and to take action if there is trouble. Now, with a Panasonic network camera, you can easily see what's happening at your home or business when you're not there.

Use a PC, Mac, PDA, TV or cellphone, any time, any where. It will work if you are 10 feet away, or 10,000 miles away.

►Check on your children, pets, nanny, elderly parents, pool, vacation home. ►Monitor employees, warehouse, kitchen, vault, doors, cash registers, parking lot. ►You can see and hear and record what's going on. ►You can remotely pan, tilt and zoom to see exactly what you want. ►A camera can be live all of the time, or turned on by a timer or sensors. ►You can record remotely, or on an internal SD card.

Your camera connects easily to your DSL or cable internet service, with or without a wire (depending on camera model). Panasonic offers many camera choices at a wide range of prices. Be aware that the more expensive "BB" models provide sharper images and better color than the "KX" models. Some dealer have only KX cams.

Unlike old-fashioned "webcams," your Panasonic network camera does not need to be connected to a computer. Your camera can have a FREE unique web address. You can see your home or business live, from any Internet connection point in the world. All you need is a web browser.

You can use any Internet connection to see what your camera sees, from dial-up to T1, with any Internet Service Provider.

If you wonder who's stealing from your cash register, who's keying your car, or if your nanny's sleeping while your baby's crying, CLICK.

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