Saturday, December 30, 2006

Milk Chocolate Pecan BillyBobs:
deliciously addictive

First an admission of stupidity: I love walnuts and pistachios and cashews and pignolias; but for some unknown reason, I thought I hated pecans. Last Spring, I was ravaging a can of mixed nuts with a fellow nut nut, and he informed me that what I thought were walnut pieces were really pecans; and I liked them.

Naked pecans from the can are fine, but the best way to eat them is coated with gooey caramel and melt-in-mouth milk chocolate, as sold by Malley's Chocolates in Ohio. They've been selling delicious chocolates and ice cream since 1935. The company has 17 stores, and they have obviously perfected the BillyBob recipe.

Malley's BillyBobs are deliciously addicting. Two enthusiastic eaters can easily wipe out a 14-ounce box in a few minutes. If you really don't like pecans, you can get cashew BillyBobs, too.

Prices are the same online or in-store, and shipping charges are reasonable, especially if you order two or more boxes of joy; and it would be stupid to order just one. If you spend $600, shipping is free! Ice packs are available at an additional charge for warm weather or warm climates. CLICK

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