Friday, July 25, 2008

Shakespeare statuette has hidden switch to access Batcave or turn on lights or music

This is a vital historical artifact for hardcore Batfans.

In the Batman TV show, when Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were in the library in stately Wayne Manor and needed to go into the Batcave, Bruce would tilt back the head of a bust of William Shakespeare.

Hidden under the head was a remote control switch that would cause book shelves to move aside, revealing the Batpoles that Bruce and Dick would use to slide down into the Batcave. Once in the cave, they'd change into their Batman and Robin gear, climb into the Batmobile and speed away to save Gotham City.

Now every Batfan can have a full-size working replica of the Shakespeare statuette that Bruce used on the show.

One of these was used as a prop in the TV movie "Return to the Batcave." It was also featured in WIRED Magazine's "Top 100 Gifts."

The hidden switch can be used to control a door, lights, music -- anything that works on electricity. An industrial-style pilot light shows when power is being fed to the remote power outlet. 16 Gauge wire, 1625 watts maximum, indoor use only. Components are UL approved.

The antique bronze-color "Bard of Avon" is about 20 inches tall and about 12 inches wide at the shoulders. Available at Of course, they have BatPhones, too; and even BatPhone Domes to protect your BatPhone. Just like on Commissioner Gordon's desk in Gotham City Police Headquarters.

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