Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Phone cord first aid kit

Even the best phone cords don't last forever. Anything a human being can touch, can break or wear out.

If a tab has snapped off a phone plug, or if a cord has been severed or weakened, you can fix it in a few seconds, with no special training.

CordsForPhones.com has an inexpensive "phone cord first aid kit" that's fine for a part-time phone person who occasionally has to replace a modular plug or fix a damaged cord.

The tool can cut, strip and crimp; and works with both handset cords and line cords (2- or 4-conductor).

It comes with six 4-positon/4-pin plugs for handset cords, and six 6-position/4-pin plugs for line cords, and illustrated instructions. Price is just $12, including shipping anywhere in the US.

The company also has a huge selection of phone cords, and phone accessories, plus additional plugs, as well as more professional-type phone tools.

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