Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get $400 in Blockbuster movies and games with Panasonic video projector

You can receive a free BLOCKBUSTER Rental Card (up to $400 value) for up to 52 free movie or game rentals, plus a 2-year limited warranty ($250 value) with a Panasonic PT-AE2000U or PT-AX200U home theater projector.

According the Panasonic, "Developed in collaboration with leading filmmakers, Panasonic’s Hollywood tuning process produces images that mirror the director’s artistic vision and intent. This process is refined in the new PT-AE2000U by maximizing the image quality of full-HD content in Blu-ray discs and HD broadcasts for large-screen viewing. A carefully tuned optical system teams up with a newly developed Detail Clarity Processor to dramatically boost image clarity. The PT-AE2000U offers the ultimate Home Cinema experience with crisp, full HD images in remarkable detail." Suggested retail price is $3499.

The PT-AX200U has features optimized for video games, less resolution and contrast, but greater brightness. Its SRP is $1999.

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