Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Book previews online

I'm nearly finished writing two books that should be published later this spring, and free previews are online at MichaelsWriting.com

Phone Systems & Phones for Small Business & Home provides the information people need to select phone equipment and services for professional offices, small businesses and homes. It will also help people use the equipment properly, to get the most out of it, and to keep it working. It will help phone people understand computer people, and help the people who sell phone equipment.

Here are a few advance reviews:

"For the technologically impaired and the electronically disillusioned, help is here. If you read this book, you’ll save time, save money and look smart. Marcus uses his wit and years-upon-years of experience unraveling techno-garble to give us a clear roadmap to a cost-effective, thoroughly functional phone system, and more. To all who would enter here, have no fear. This is the first practical guide to having the best phone system, at the least cost."

"Outstanding! An entertaining (and sometimes humorous) thorough education on phones and telecommunications. It’s a must read for shoppers as well as salespeople."

"After spending just three minutes flipping through the pages, I learned that my telephone problem could be cured for 99 cents, instead of nearly $400. I expect that this book will save my company a lot of money. It belongs in every office, and in many homes."


I Only Flunk My Brightest Students: stories from school and real life is a collection of more than 70 stories -- mostly short and funny, one long and serious and funny and shocking. They deal with my early childhood, my time in public school and college, and while working in advertising, telecommunications, journalism, and as an amateur attorney. Culture clash is a frequent theme. So is food. And phoniness. There is a bit of sex, drugs and rock & roll. There are four murders. The main title is a quote from one of my teachers. She was nuts.

Here are a few advance reviews:

“I loved the 3-way sex scene. It seemed familiar. Was I there?”

“You’re a great story teller. I laughed my ass off.”

“I think I knew the lesbian painter. When does the movie come out?”

“I'm glad you didn't see me doing anything bad.”

“Obviously your typing class accomplished something useful. You almost made me pee in my pants. Very, very funny.”

“I didn’t realize what an a-hole I was back then. If this book wasn’t so funny, I’d probably sue you for libel. I'll settle for an autographed copy.”

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